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Virko Baley’s Parables & Reflections
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1524 Virko Baley - Parables & Reflections
[TNC CD 1524]
by Robert Schulslaper Date Added: Oct 12, 2010
The mysterious, atmospheric allusiveness at the heart of Virko Baley’s music is here expressively served by the bassoon’s unique timbre, so suggestive of forests and fairy tales. Kristen Wolfe Jensen expertly unites the varied facets of Baley’s Parables and Reflections (the CD title) into a consistent interpretative vision, from Treny-Laments II’s haunting depths, which later metamorphose into swift, but still deep, emotional waters; to the impetuous Scherzo I: Kozak Mamai , from Partita No. 2; the extended meditation of the Aria: Tears ; or the dreamy Tango (both from the partita). Baley has given her ample opportunity to showcase her virtuosity; she’s unfazed by rapid passages demanding agility and precision, she has mastered the Baroque technique of counterpointing melodious phrases with pedal tones, she alternates effortlessly between themes separated by register to create the illusion that a solo instrument can conduct a dialogue with itself, and she suavely overcomes the potential pitfalls that long-lined legato phrases pose for wind instrumentalists. Oboist Rebecca Henderson and pianist Baley, her adroit colleagues, bring a sustained intensity to …a trois, and pianist Michelle Schumann is an ideal accompanist whose sensitive, flexible, or tempestuous dexterity enlivens the Five Songs Without Words and the partita. Baley’s music displays the narrative coherence that naturally results from granting melody its rightful place in musical discourse, and he prolongs and develops his ideas skillfully, always conveying that sense of predestined order and elaboration that today we define as organic. Bassoonists, of course, should investigate immediately, but general listeners should find Baley’s music deeply lyrical and emotively powerful in equal measure.


Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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